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Signature Garage Doors is a top-quality garage door service provider with locations in Muscle Shoals, AL, Huntsville, AL, and Savannah, TN. We are a locally owned and operated garage door company that always prioritizes our customers’ needs. Our garage door repair professionals are highly trained and experienced in garage door spring repair, ensuring your garage door is fixed safely and efficiently. Whether your garage door needs lubrication to quiet the noisy operation or it’s completely stuck, we act promptly to get your day back on track. Contact us for garage door spring repair service in your area!

5 Signs You Need Garage Door Spring Repair

  1. Your garage door is not opening or closing.
  2. Your garage door opens or closes halfway and stops. 
  3. You hear a loud pop in your garage, and then your door slams shut.
  4. Your garage door opens or closes at an angle.
  5. You notice a 3-4 inch gap between the spring’s coils.

A broken garage door spring is a major issue that you need to address quickly. Delaying garage door spring repair can leave you with a severely damaged door and is unsafe for anyone trying to operate the door. Signature Garage Doors serves your home quickly when you have a broken spring. We keep new high-cycle torsion and extension springs in stock to complete your repair in one appointment. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment for garage door spring repair in Muscle Shoals, AL, Huntsville, AL, and Savannah, TN.

garage door spring repair

Types of Garage Door Springs

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are the most common type of garage door spring, so we frequently perform broken torsion spring repairs. Torsion springs are installed above the garage door, turning to build up and release tension so your door operates seamlessly. They are a strong, durable spring, rated for 10-15,000 cycles of opening and closing your overhead door. We frequently perform torsion spring conversions to convert garage doors away from an extension spring system to this more reliable option. 

Extension Springs

Extension springs are located on each side of the garage door, and they expand and contract to operate your door. These garage door springs are typically only rated for 10,000 cycles and aren’t as durable as torsion springs. However, we can replace the extension springs in your home with the replacement ones that we have in stock.

Why You Can’t Delay Garage Door Spring Repair

If you notice that the springs of your garage door are broken, rusted, or elongated, we highly recommend that you call for garage door spring repair right away. Some homeowners may realize that their garage door is acting strangely but fail to schedule service until the door stops working completely. Delaying garage door spring repair can potentially be dangerous for your family and may leave you needing emergency repairs at an inconvenient time. Instead, contact Signature Garage Doors to take care of your broken garage door spring quickly.

We’re Here to Help With Broken Garage Door Springs

Our team of experts is always ready to provide fast and affordable garage door spring repair services in Muscle Shoals, AL, Huntsville, AL, and Savannah, TN. At Signature Garage Doors, we are committed to upholding our core values of communication, accountability, and empathy every day. We are a customer-focused and results-driven local garage door company that you can rely on. Contact us today to book your appointment, and we’ll be there quickly to repair your broken garage door spring.

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  • Lucas Logan was out today repaired garage lift master jack shaft motor and leveled out door perfectly and correctly. Also was very professional and timely. Thank you for great service!

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