We Offer the Best Garage Door Repair Near Decatur, AL

Garage Door Repair Near Decatur, AL

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If your garage door has stopped working, don’t panic! Here at Signature Garage Doors, you can guarantee your garage door is in good hands. With over forty years of experience, there’s none more qualified for garage door repair near Decatur, AL, or any of our other service areas

A garage door protects your home from the outside world. Without it, your home would be wide open to the elements, thieves, and critters. You can’t let just anyone be responsible for repairing your garage door. What you need is a trusted name in garage door repair near Decatur, AL. 

Do I Need Repairs? 

Garage doors are complex pieces of equipment. Sometimes it isn’t clear if your door needs repairs. The problems that can crop up aren’t always obvious. In our forty years in this business, we’ve learned a lot about garage door repair near Decatur, AL, and know the most common signs that it’s time for repairs. 

Here are some key indicators that your garage door may need repairs: 

  • Slow and shaky operation 
  • The door opens unevenly 
  • Panels have become rusty or damaged 
  • The door doesn’t close or open fully 
  • Loud or unusual noises during operation
  • The door has gone off-track

If you have experienced any of these problems, you may require garage door repair near Decatur, AL. You can call us or book an appointment online to investigate these issues before they turn into an emergency. 


Why Choose Signature Garage Doors? 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a company with more valuable experience than Signature Garage Doors. Since 1981, we have provided our community with top-flight service. We take pride in our work, and we care about our customers. When you spend your hard-earned money on a garage door, you expect the best. Luckily, the best is all we know.

We hold ourselves to a set of values that include professionalism, communication, care, and growth. Our word is our bond, and we don’t do things half-way. Whether it’s garage door installations, garage door panel replacements, or garage door repair near Decatur, AL, we’re here to help!

Contact Us Today!

For forty years we’ve served our community, and we don’t plan to stop any time soon! If you need garage door repair near Decatur, AL, there’s no one more qualified than Signature Garage Doors

Please call or book an appointment online today! Don’t accept second-best, call Signature!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair my garage door myself?

This is not recommended. Garage doors are complicated and could be dangerous for people without the requisite experience in garage door repairs. Your garage door is very heavy, and it could cause significant injury if something were to go wrong. Not to mention the fact that were you to break something inadvertently, you could be costing yourself serious money. 

Don’t put yourself or your wallet at risk. Call Signature Garage Doors for garage door repair near Decatur, AL. 

Do you offer other services? 

What areas do you offer service?

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  • Lucas Logan was out today repaired garage lift master jack shaft motor and leveled out door perfectly and correctly. Also was very professional and timely. Thank you for great service!

    Shantan Shoemaker

    Lucas was everything I ever heard about Signature Garage Doors. He was fast, friendly, and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this company and their technician Lucas. Job... read more


    Timely. Fully explained what he found and the best solution to fix it. Great job.

    William Anderson
  • I appreciate Gerold and the team at Signature Garage Doors for the prompt, excellent work they did replacing two of my Garage Doors. Great Folks to work with. ... read more

    Quinton Hanson

    ART arrived on time, he's very professional and knowledgeable about my doors, he showed me my options ,very good at his job. G I

    Gregory Isbell

    Great guy very competant

    Rene Mckinely
  • The Technician, Art was terrific. Went over all the details and let me decide what I wanted done with no pressure. Called in expecting to line up an appointment sometime... read more

    Keith Rist

    Jess and Art were easy to work with. Called Jess on Monday and he had Art show up Tuesday with two new motors. Art was very professional and had them... read more

    Brock Owens

    Could not ask for better service from this company. Gerrod Marlin was a great worker and took time to answer any questions I had very hard worker. Signature Garage Doors... read more

    Terri Aycock
  • Lucas was prompt, very knowledgeable about what was needed, and did a great job on installation of replacement parts.

    Ronda Hood

    Gerrod has to be one of the most attentive technicians that I have interacted with in a long time. Very knowledgeable and actually listens to the customer. An amazing gesture... read more

    Donald Stalons

    Gerrod did a great job! Highly recommend Signature Garage Doors!

    Cindy joyner